Web Animation

Let Your Web Content Come to Life

We don’t create mediocre content. Each and every dazzling animation is developed with our own unique creative edge and raises the wow factor with your customer using your style and branding.

Take your message to the next level with well-done animated content that speaks to your audience unlike any other medium.

WVD has 14 years of animation expertise, specializing in:

  • Web development
  • Interactive game development
  • Multimedia AD development
  • E-learning development

HTML Animation

HTML animation using JavaScript has been around for over 15 years. In fact this is the type of animation World View Design was developing when we went into business in the year 2000. We eventually moved to Flash because of its superior capabilities, but with the emergence of the Mobile Industry and iDevices from Apple in particular, HTML animation is increasingly the platform to use because it’s viewable on every device: desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

The emergence of HTML5 aims to become the standard platform for the delivery of multimedia and animated content on the Web. Although HTML5 is currently a work in progress and has not been standardized by the international standards organization for the World Wide Web (W3C), its use is increasing every day.

Flash Animation

Adobe Flash is the industry standard for delivering superior quality animations and interactive content for the Web, well above and beyond any current technology available for the Web today. Even though it’s not supported by Apple’s iDevices such as the iPhone or the iPad, Flash’s animation capabilities for the Web are still unmatched by any of the emerging Web animation technologies. Flash animations continue to be the coolest.

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